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The Circle of Twelve and the Legacy of Valentin Tomberg


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Platonists

Chapter 2: Elizabeth Vreede, Willi Sucher, and Valentin Tomberg

Chapter 3: The Arenson Error

Chapter 4: Choral Speaking

Chapter 5: Passing of the Torch

Chapter 6: The Church of Peter and the Church of John

Chapter 7: Christian Rosenkreutz and Christ

Chapter 8: The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Chapter 9: Footsteps in the Sands of Time

Chapter 10: The Stages of the Second Coming

Chapter 11: The Second Coming and the Incarnation of Ahriman

Chapter 12: The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Tarot

Chapter 13: Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg—A Perfect Relationship

Chapter 14: Christ and Sophia

Chapter 15: The Bodhisattvas

Chapter 16: The Living Word

Chapter 17: The Non-Proclaiming Proclaimer

Chapter 18: Sacred Magic

Chapter 19: A Truly Hermetic Astrology

Chapter 20: A Profound and Faithful Perspective of the Working of the Maitreya in Our Time

Chapter 21: Master Jesus, Christian Rosenkreutz, Gautama, and the Maitreya

Chapter 22: The One Universal Church

Chapter 23: The Fifth Sacrifice

Chapter 24: The Star Beings

Chapter 25: Contemporary Christian Mystics as Representative of the Third Teacher

Chapter 26: The School of the Archangel Jesus

Chapter 27: Gautama Buddha’s Successor

Concluding Remarks



 1. Valentin Tomberg: A Platonic Soul, by Robert Powell

 2. Biographical Sketch of Elizabeth Vreede, by Robert Powell

 3. Book Review: The Individuality of Rudolf Steiner—the Open Secret of Anthroposophy, by Robert Powell

 4. The Bodhisattva Question in the History of the Anthroposophical Society, by Dr. Elizabeth Vreede

 5. Kyot and the Stellar Script of Parsifal, by Ellen Schalk

 6. Rudolf Steiner’s Last Address

 7. The Our Mother Prayer, given by Valentin Tomberg

 8. The Transition, by Robert Powell and Keith Harris 

 9. Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg, and the Return of Christ in the Etheric, by Robert Powell

10. Rudolf Steiner and His Connection to the Master Jesus, by Robert Powell

11. The Sphere of the Bodhisattvas, by Rudolf Steiner

12. The Descent of Lazarus into the Golden Sphere of the Mother, by Estelle Isaacson.

13. History of the School of Spiritual Science—The First Class (excerpts), by Johannes Kiersch.

14. Valentin Tomberg and Anthroposophy, by James Morgante.


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