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CLAUDIA MCLAREN LAINSON has been working in the field of Anthroposophy since 1981. She founded the first Waldorf kindergarten in Boulder, Colorado, and was one of the co-founders of Shining Mountain Waldorf School in 1983. Claudia has lectured nationally and internationally on various topics related to the new astrology (sidereal astrosophy), spiritual science, human development, the evolution of consciousness, and the emerging Christ and Sophia mysteries of the twenty-first century. Claudia is the founder of Windrose Farm and Academy near Boulder.


Windrose is a biodynamic farm and academy for collaborative work in anthroposophic courses, therapeutic education, sidereal astrology, counseling, and cosmic and sacred dance. Claudia most recently founded the School for the Sophia Mysteries at Windrose. She is a yearly contributor to the Journal for Star Wisdom and serves on its editorial board. 


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