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In the 20th century, three ambassadors of Christ appeared in succession and have left their imprints. If we can restrain ourselves from looking only backwards, we will recognize the profundity of spiritual kinship still weaving among these guides who—through successive incarnations—continue to serve the evolution of the Earth and humanity.   


     Turbulent times are ahead of us, both for the present

and for the near future.  Much of the old is used up and worn out,

and the new is being poured into humanity from the spiritual world. 

(From Rudolf Steiner, The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity.)  


Apocalyptic revelation is instreaming. A veil is now being lifted. In order to comprehend the complexity of what has evolved spiritually since the beginning of the previous century, it is essential to gain a true perspective of the collaborative activity of the Christ initiates who are preparing us to meet the momentous challenges of our time.



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